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Moving is an exciting time. But it can also be a stressful one. Moving into a new home or leaving an old one, you want the peace of mind that comes with a clean and disinfected space. But with everything else on your plate, you probably don’t have much time to devote to cleaning. That is where we can help.

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The best time to eliminate the old dirt, allergens, harmful bacteria and grime that can build up in a home over time is when it’s empty. We take the stress out of moving into a new home, so you can have the fresh start in your new home worry-free.

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3 Reasons Professional Cleaning Assistance Is a Must When Moving

1. You’re More Likely to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Most rental homes, apartments, and condos require security deposits before moving in. Landlords require them because these held funds encourage renters to avoid damaging their rental properties. It’s not just damage that the security deposit is there to protect against, though. Did you know you can be denied a refund of your security deposit for not cleaning well enough? We can help you get your security deposit back by returning your residence to a clean and move-in-ready condition.

2. Planning Your Move Is Easier

It’s normal to worry about cleaning your residence before moving. Cleaning happens to be a significant source of stress for most people when moving out of a residence, so it is often the last thing they do — or the thing that doesn’t get done. If you hire us to clean your living space before leaving, that’s a major job you won’t have to do yourself. That frees up time to ensure that the packing process and the rest of your move goes smoothly!

3. You Can Improve Your New Home’s Indoor Air Quality

People who live in major cities or near industrial facilities may suffer health problems due to air pollution. Everyone knows that air quality in crowded and industrially dense areas is becoming even more of a concern as the years go by. What you might be surprised to learn is that indoor air quality may affect more Americans’ quality of life than smog! Without a good cleaning, you may be moving into a residence with poor indoor air quality due to dust mites, a former resident who smoked cigarettes, pet dander, or just poor cleaning habits. The resulting buildup of dirt, dust and allergens can cause allergies, asthma flare-ups, and stale-smelling air. We can improve your new residence’s indoor air quality before moving in. As a matter of fact, we guarantee it!

Regular Move In / Move Out House Cleaning in San Diego

If the home you are leaving or the one you are moving into was regularly cleaned and maintained, there may only be moderate cleaning necessary. In this case, we will do a regular cleaning of all the living areas with a focus on the kitchen, bathrooms and all the floors. This ensures that the home is ready for you or new residents to move in.

We Take the Stress Out of the Mess

At Presto Cleaning, our San Diego move in house cleaning and move out house cleaning services take the stress out of the mess! We will thoroughly clean your new or previous home to ensure that your moving experience is as smooth and worry-free as possible. Depending on what level of clean you’re looking for, we can also include our window cleaning services.

Cleaning Under Cabinets
Flexible Options

Our move in house cleanings in San Diego offer flexible options so you can move into your new home with a fresh start. We always recommend that a move in cleaning be done before your personal items are unloaded or unpacked to ensure that every place in the home gets the cleaning attention it deserves. Conversely, our San Diego move out house cleaning services offer the same clean start to the new residents. If you are looking for a deposit refund, we can help.

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Cleaning Services

A clean & healthy home is important, but we have less time than ever. Why spend that time cleaning your home? Life is short.
Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop All Floors and Rugs
Clean Kitchen Appliance, as well as behind them
Remove Dust & Cobwebs from High Corners
Clean Smudges off Doors and Door Frames
Get Rid of Rust Stains and Mineral Build Up
Wipe Down Baseboards and Horizontal Surfaces
Clean and Disenfect Toilets, Showers, & Sinks
Disenfect Countertops, and all Kitchen Surfaces
Clean & Sanitize Appliances in the Kitchen
More Extensive Cleaning

If the home you are moving into or the one you are leaving was not cleaned regularly, there may be a buildup of dirt, crumbs, grease, soap scum, mildew, fingerprints, etc. that will need to be contended with. This may require a more thorough deep cleaning in order to ensure that the home or apartment is occupant ready. Ask us for our rates for deep cleaning services.

Cleaning Supplies
Getting the Job Done Right

With Presto Cleaning, you get our staff of professional, courteous and friendly cleaners who take the time to do the job right. We are bonded and insured and each member of our staff has been thoroughly background checked so you can have peace of mind inviting them into your home.

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When it comes to cleaning your home, it is all about trust.